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Generator Rental Progam

Renting is better than owning! Take a moment to consider our pre-planned generator rental program. Expect the unexpected, be prepared with emergency power on standby for you.

Call 239-643-2770 to get a quote.

  • You will avoid the large upfront costs required for an outright purchase and installation of a generator.

  • You can better predict your emergency power costs by contracting a generator for the times and dates you choose.

  • Our emergency preparedness program guarantees availability when you need a generator the most.

  • A committed plan of four-months during high-use stormy weather is less expensive than the cost of purchasing a generator.

  • Eliminate the maintenance and repair costs of generator ownership.

  • Keep the generator on site or have it delivered as needed. (Ask about additional hookup charges.)

  • To take advantage of this program and allow rapid hookup of a generator you will need to install an Automatic Transfer Switch. This is the same switch you would need should you decide on a permanent installation in the future. 

  • A generator you can call yours for one month, two months, three months or four months!


40KW Generator Rental
105kw Generator Rental
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